Invitation is for honest and reflective conversations for the purpose of building connections and community.

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Weaving Dialogues is an ongoing series of conversations that are interconnected by prompts embroidered on each tablecloth. It began in Newark, Ohio with the question ‘Describe an experience that changed you’ embroidered onto each of the five tablecloths with corresponding mugs. The following iterations will continue the previous conversation by starting with the last question, symbolically creating one dialogue between different participants. These prompts are embroidered into the tablecloth as a glimpse into the conversation, leaving viewers to ponder what was said between each line.

During a Weaving Dialogues event, the local community is invited to participate and are paired together at each table. We facilitate conversations over tea and coffee using a prompt embroidered on the tablecloth. During the event guests are asked to use the most recent prompt to start their conversation and when finished to leave a prompt that will start the next one.